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Commonly Asked Questions -

Websites like Amazon deals in Retail due to which sellers can keep enough margin to accommodate for the majority of the shipping cost and only charge a fraction to it's customers such as RS 50.

Whereas we are dealing in wholesale and we believe in offering Best Prices for our products. Hence we have to charge shipping as per actual rates we have to pay to shipping companies. 

GST is a integral part of MRP which is paid to the government. Every Registered business have to charge charge GST from customers and pay it to the government. Usually, GST is already added in MRP but we show it separately to maintain transparency. 

Since we are wholesalers, we keep our margins as low as possible to provide best rates to our customers due to this we have to charge the actual shipping charges to our customers.  

Shipping companies charges additional Shipping charges for COD and they also charge a commission fee for processing our payments.

 Along with that, the risk of COD orders coming back as RTO are also high since shipping companies make fake attempts and then charge additional fees for bringing the parcel back. 

Due to this we have to charge an additional fees.

We are not charging GST multiple times. Different items have different GST rates set up by Government. For example - Candle Jars have 18% GST and Candle Wicks have 12% GST. So you are being displayed GST charged under each slab for respective items.  

Also, GST have three components i.e. IGST, CGST, SGST. In case, both sellers & buyer are from same state, the GST is equally divided in CGST & SGST e.g. 18% will be divided in 9% SGST & 9% CGST and if buyer is from different state then complete GST is charges as IGST e.g. 18% IGST. 

We dispatch the order with in 1-2 Business days. After that shipping companies may take 3-6 days to deliver the parcels. 

Note - Shipping timeline may vary depending on the pin code and courier services for your pincode.

Customers can book the order as Self Pick Up and Pick their order from our Delhi Warehouse. Kindly use this option only when you are able to pick from our Delhi Warehouse.

P.S. We don't have any other branches for Self Pick Up.

Free Shipping above a certain amount is usually offered in Retail where products have good margins.

We are wholesalers, hence we have to charge shipping charges as per actual rates we pay to shipping companies.

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Some Of The Kind Messages From Our Clients -


The new Banana Pie & Luscious Berry Fragrance are so good. Luscious Berry smells like Poppin Candy.


Very Happy to have all candle supplies under one roof. Have tried Tuberose fragrance oil and it has pleasantly good hot throw in my candles. Will be using it in my collection. Will be testing more fragrance.


V Candle Supplies is turning to be my go to destination for all my candle making needs. Started ordering wicks from them which i was very well guided about and went to order Waxes and Fragrances too. Love the hassle free process. Indian candle making scene needed this for a very long time