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200 ml Luxury Crystal Candle Jar – Transparent (Imported Quality)

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Product Details

Max Wax Capacity: 200 Gram (200 ML)

Material: Glass

Color: Transparent

Diameter: 3.5″

Height: 3″

Wick Guide:

Soy Wax Chunks: YBL 6 / YBL 7 or Double wick – YBL 2 or YBL 2.5

Beeswax: YBL 6 / YBL 7 or Double wick – YBL 2 or YBL 2.5

Paraffin: YBL 4/YBL5

Note: The above wick guide is just for reference. wick size of a candle is impacted due to various factors, so always test your candle before making a final batch.

Policy Update: We have updated our refund policy regarding broken glass jars during transit. Kindly click here for more information.

Beautiful 3 inch by 3.5 inch Crystal Cut Candle Jar for making Gorgeous Luxury Candles. Our Crystal Cut Jar comes in Stunning Transparent Color which makes the Candle look Alluring & Enchanting to the Candle Customers.

This Jar is Perfect & Safe for making Double Wick Candles as well because of the wide 3.5 inch diameter. Jar comes with Crystal Cut Lid to keep the Fragrance enclosed with in the Jar hence Enhancing the overall Candle Customer experience.

Our Jars are tested to resist cracking in High temperatures for maximum safety. Try this Gorgeous Jar to make Captivating Luxurious Candles for your customers to offer a product with better margins hence increasing overall profit for your business 🙂

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