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Luxe Soy Crème Wax For Candle Making & Massage Candles/Body Butters

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Product Properties

Maximum Fragrance Load: 12% by weight (i.e. 15gm oil for 100 gm wax. Add 10% oil for optimum results)

Fragrance Mixing Temp: 160 F

Pouring Temp: 150 F – 160 F

Jar’s Surface Adhesion: Good

Note:  Packaging displayed in image is for representation purposes only. Wax will be packed securely in best available packaging available at the moment. Luxe Soy Crème Wax is our Ultra Luxury wax made with 100% Soy.

Our wax is designed to be super soft and gives superb & amazing texture to your Premium & Luxury Candles. The wax can be used for making candles as well as making cosmetic products such a Massage Candles, Lip Balms, Body Butters, etc.

Our Wax is:

  • Skin-safe
  • Non-toxic, sourced ethically, and renewable
  • Easy to use, single-pour wax
  • It can serve as a base or emulsifier for lotion bars and lip care products.
  • A uniform, steady burn with great Jar Adhesion
  • Excellent Hot/Cold Throw
  • Safely holds up to 12% Fragrance load

Our Luxe Soy Wax can also be used for blending with Soy Flakes or Soy V555 wax to improve their texture.

Note: The wax is not suitable for Pillar Candles

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500 Gm, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 15 Kg, 60 Kg, 105 Kg


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