Luxe Soy Crème Wax is our Ultra Luxury wax made with 100% Soy.

Our wax is designed to be super soft and gives superb & amazing texture to your Premium & Luxury Candles. The wax can be used for making candles as well as making cosmetic products such a Massage Candles, Lip Balms, Body Butters, etc.

Our Wax is:

  • Skin-safe
  • Non-toxic, sourced ethically, and renewable
  • Easy to use, single-pour wax
  • It can serve as a base or emulsifier for lotion bars and lip care products.
  • A uniform, steady burn with great Jar Adhesion
  • Excellent Hot/Cold Throw
  • Safely holds up to 12% Fragrance load

Our Luxe Soy Wax can also be used for blending with Soy Flakes or Soy V555 wax to improve their texture.

Note: The wax is not suitable for Pillar Candles

Soy Butter Wax
Luxe Soy Crème Wax For Candle Making & Massage Candles/Body Butters