Premium Bubble Candle Jar – Red Color

From 95.00

A Gorgeous Bubble Candle Jar for making Gorgeous Luxury Candles.

Our Bubble Jar comes in Stunning Red Color which makes the Candle look Alluring & Enchanting to the Candle Customers.

The Jar looks Unique & Alluring due to it’s design and can be  used to make an Amazing & Premium Candles for the customers.

Jar have cute glass bubbles on the outside of the jar which gives it an Appealing texture hence makes the final product looks even more beautiful.

The Striking Red color will makes the candle look Gorgeous and it will also hides the usual Wet Spots in Candles, hence make your candle look more premium.

Our Jars are tested to resist cracking in High temperatures for maximum safety.

Bubble Candle Jar for Candle Making
Premium Bubble Candle Jar – Red Color