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Natural Virgin Coconut Oil – For Cosmetics & Candle Making

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V Candle Supplies  Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a cold-pressed oil made from fresh coconut milk that is pure and unprocessed. All of the important nutrients and natural goodness of fresh coconuts are preserved using the cold process procedure.
For Candle Making, Virgin Coconut Oil can act as a Softening Agent to make the Natural Waxes Softer while helps in getting Smoother Tops and Ease in achieving Full Melt pool.
Our Virgin Coconut oil is Odorless & Colorless hence it does not add any Smell or Color to Candles or Cosmetic Products.
Virgin coconut oil is a versatile oil for both health and beauty because it is high in important fatty acids and antioxidants.  V Candle Supplies Virgin Coconut Oil has a delicate mild fresh aroma and taste, unlike commercial coconut oil, which is prepared by expeller technique from desiccated coconut meat.
VCO is high in medium-chain fatty acids and antioxidants, both of which are beneficial to the body.
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100% Pure Cosmetic Grade Virgin Coconut Oil for Cosmetic and Candle Making.

Virgin Coconut Oil is best for making Cosmetic Products and Candles coz it’s nearly odorless hence doesn’t add any smell to the final product.

Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fresh milk of coconut using cold process which maintains all the natural constituents, aroma, and antioxidants of the oil.


Compared to Regular Coconut Oil, virgin coconut oil is non-greasy and is lighter in viscosity.


Note: For External purposes only. Not for making Food grade products

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100 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 10 L


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