Tiered of finding solution for keeping your wicks in center ? 

After searching for an affordable solution for, so long, we have finally here to offer you High Quality Wooden Chop Sticks for holding your wicks Straight, Tight, & in Center.

These works perfectly as an affordable wick holders compared to the expensive metal wick holders (& accept it, they keep on getting lost as well 😛 )

Affordable Wooden Wick Holder for Candle Making

These Holders will Hold your wick Tightly, which will prevent them from getting Bent internally (a bent wick may lead to tunneling). Plus they are so cost affective, you can easily scale your inventory to create 200 – 300 candles in a single batch. 😀

Affordable Wooden Wick Holder for Candle Making
Wooden Wick Holders
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