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Transform Your Candle Business in 7 Days : Professional Soy Candle Making Course

Unlock your Business Potential with our Soy Candle Making Course.

A Highly Detailed Pre-Recorded Workshop with Lifetime Access & PDF Notes

Price - 2999

Are you still struggling to make a Good Candle even after attending multiple workshops ?

Most of the Candle Making Course, focuses only on showing different candle designs, by simply pouring different types of waxes in different types of jars and molds, without ever focusing on Core Fundamentals

Learn to Make Candles with Strong Hot Throw & Zero Smoke

Our Candle Soy Making Course is more than just learning about making different designs. We focus highly on Core Fundamentals which impacts the actual performance of your candles.

With 5 Hour + Training Modules, we have shared everything you need to know about Soy Jar Candle Making. 



Topics Covered


  1. How to Make Soy Candles
  2. How to Make Double Wick or Triple Wick Soy Candles
  3. How to Select Jars for Multiple Wick Candles
  4. How to Safely Place Wicks in Multiple Wick Candles
  5. How to safely create Candles with Embeds such as Dried Flowers, Spices, Herbs etc.
  6. How to Make Decorative Candles using Wax embeds
  7. How to Make Marble Candles
  8. How to Fix Sink Holes in Soy Candles
  9. How to Fix Air Pockets in Soy Candles
  10. Pouring & FO mixing Temp for Making Jar Candle & Pillar Candle.
  11. Why Sink Holes & Air Pockets Occurs in Candle.
  12. How to fix Sink Holes in Candles.
  13. How to Fix Air Pockets in Candles.
  14. Why you should poke hole even if the candle top doesn’t have any sink holes.
  15. How to do multiple pours without having any separation lines in candles.
  16. What are Wet Spots in Candles.
  17. What is a Melt pool in Candle.
  18. How much time should a candle take to form complete full melt pool.
  19. How to Calculate Candle Burn Time.
  20. Candle Business Tips & Suggestions
  21. Q&A & So Much More


Course Overview


Learn how To Make beautiful soy candles with strong fragrance throw and zero smoke

In this course, you will learn – 

  • How to make Single Wick , Double Wick, & Triple Wick Soy Candles.
  • How to Select Jars for multi wick candle.
  • Fundamentals & Importance of Wick Testing.
  • Different Types of Soy Waxes available in market.
  • Characteristics of Soy Wax. (Melting Temp, Pouring Temp, etc.)
  • How to safely place Embeds in candles & so much more.
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Price - 2999

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are India's leading suppliers of Premium Candle Raw Materials. You will also be provided with a PDF containing the list of all the materials used in this course.

We have used mix of Hindi & English to accommodate both the audience.

Yes, we have covered everything from scratch so even if you have not made candles, you will still be able to learn everything about Soy Jar Candle Fundamentals from this course.

A PDF with the list and buying links for all the tools required for candle making will be provided.

After enrolling the course, you can log in the website with your credentials and visit the Student Dashboard section in you Account Page to access your course. An email will also be sent on registration.

Yes, after this course you will gain enough knowledge about Jar Candle Making with Soy wax that you will be able to create Amazing Candles and start your own candle making business.

The price includes the cost of course only.

You can separately buy Candle Making Kit from our website or you can buy Raw Materials as per your own requirements. 

Because that is just a Gimmick.

Candle Making is more than just pouring the different waxes in to different jar and molds and calling it a course.

There are so many technical challenges which you will only be able to resolve if you have strong understanding of the Core Fundamentals.

We assure you that you will be able to make 80% of the design shown in a Generic Candle Making Course on your own if you have strong understanding of the fundamentals of candle making.