3 inch Amber Tumbler Jar For Candle Making

From 400.00

Max Wax Capacity: 170 gm

Color: Amber

Diameter: 3″

Wick Guide:

Soy Wax Chunks: YBL 6 or YBL 2 (Double)

Beeswax: YBL 6 or YBL 2.5 (Double)

Paraffin: YBL 5

Note: All our glass jars are individually bubble wrapped to ensure maximum safety while in Transit.

3 inch by 3 inch Straight Tumbler Jar in Gorgeous Amber for making luxury candles.

This jar is perfect for making Premium & Classy looking candles. Amber Color adds a unique luster to the candle making it look Premium.

The jar is made from High Quality & Heat Resistant Glass. The glass is coated with High Quality Amber Color which will not be damaged with water unlike cheap variants available in the market.

Note: The above wick guide is just for reference. wick size of a candle is impacted due to various factors, so always test your candle before making a final batch.

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1 Pc, 10 Pc, 25 Pc, 50 Pc, 100 PC, 1 Pc With Wooden Cork, 10 Pc With Wooden Corks, 25 Pc With Wooden Corks, 50 Pc With Wooden Corks, 100 Pc With Wooden Corks, 1 Pc With Wooden Lid, 10 Pc With Wooden lids, 25 Pc With Wooden lids, 50 Pc With Wooden lids, 100 Pc With Wooden lids


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