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Candle Testing Label Sticker (1.9*3.9 inches)

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Height: 1.9 Inches

Width: 2.9 Inches

How To Use – 

  1. Create a Candle Sample for test
  2. Paste the Sticker on Jar and Note down the Date, Test Number, Wick Size, Wax or Wax Blend used, Fragrance, FO Load, Color
  3. Note the Time of Burn
  4. If you observe any Soot then tick “Y” and note the time else tick “N”
  5. If you observe any Tunneling tick “Y” and note the time else tick “N”
  6. Mark if candle is Pass or Fail in your testing
  7. Add detailed notes in Remarks, such as, “Candle passed with very light soot at 1.5 hour mark and full meltpool in 2 hours”
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Candle testing can get really overwhelming. With so many different Performance Parameters, it gets really hard to keep record of every little thing, especially when you are testing multiple candles at once.

A lot of time, we end up forgetting critical details, such as, how an individual candle sample performed or when exactly that sample was burned, or which wick was used in which sample.

Now make your candle testing a little less stressful by taking your notes with our Candle Testing Sticker. 

The Label is designed to record multiple testing info which is essential for creating a Perfect Candle. With help of our testing sticker you will be able to record details such as Wick size, Wax Blend, Fragrance, FO load, Soot, Tunneling etc to ensure that your candle pass every performance test criteria.

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