Delicious, Rich, & Irresistible are the Three Best Words to describe Vanilla Burnt Bread Fragrance Oil.

This Fragrance oil will make your Candles and Cosmetic products smell like Yummy Dessert. 

Vanilla Burnt Bread Fragrance oil smells just like its name. It’s a Sweet & Savory Aroma of a Freshly Baked Vanilla Pound Cake with little bit of Charred or Burnt Note.

The Fragrance oil is Strong and Perfect for Making Dessert Candles.

P.S. – No Matter How Delicious It May Smell, Please Do Not Consume It 😛


Vanilla Burnt Bread Fragrance Oil for Candles
Vanilla Burnt Bread – Premium Fine Fragrance For Candles & Soaps/Lotions/Lip Balms