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Dried Marigold Flower Petals | Dried Flower Petals for Candle, Bath Salt, Soap, Scented Sachet, Perfume, & Potpourris – 100 gm

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Flower: Marigold

Weight: 100 gm

Color: Natural Orange

Ingredients: Natural Dried Marigold Flower Petals

  • Presenting our all-natural, colorful, and aromatic Dried Marigold Flower Petals—the ideal finishing touch for your craft and DIY projects or to add a little coziness and joy to your home.
  • Our dried marigold flower petals are devoid of any chemicals, preservatives, or synthetic perfumes and are carefully chosen and dried to maintain their vibrant orange color and gentle aroma. Our petals are guaranteed to keep their freshness and quality throughout time since they are packaged in a resealable bag.
  • A number of hobbies and do-it-yourself projects can benefit from the versatility of our dried marigold flower petals. They are ideal for include in home-made potpourris, candles, soaps, scented sachets, and other products. Also, you may use them to make your own herbal infusions, tea blends, or infused oils.
  • These dried marigold flower petals are appreciated for their relaxing and soothing effects in aromatherapy. They may be used to make your own calming bath salts, or you can add them to potpourri or a diffuser to produce a warm, cheery scent that can uplift your spirits and encourage relaxation.
  • Using our dried marigold flower petals to decorate your house is another popular option. They may be incorporated into stunning and vibrant table centrepiece or placed in your favourite vase or bowl for a bright and natural presentation.
  • You may let your imagination go wild and add a touch of coziness and joy to your DIY and craft projects, as well as to your home decor, by using our Dried Marigold Flower Petals. These petals are the ideal present for anyone who loves to create, or for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Note: Color may vary from the image as flowers are Natural products and we do not use any chemical dyes to maintain colors.

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