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Glitters For Candle Making – Gold (50 Gm)

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Introducing our Gold Glitters, a dazzling addition to your candle-making toolkit. Elevate your creations with a touch of sophistication and radiance, turning your candles into shimmering works of art.

  1. Radiant Gold Hue: Our glitters boast a brilliant gold hue, infusing your candles with a timeless and elegant shimmer. Transform your creations into statements of luxury.
  2. Versatile Crafting: Perfect for various candle-making styles, these glitters add a touch of opulence to pillar candles, container candles, and decorative shapes. Unleash your creativity and experiment with endless design possibilities.
  3. Premium Quality Assurance: Crafted from premium materials, our glitters are non-toxic and safe for candle use. Create breathtaking candles without compromising on quality.
  4. Effortless Application: The user-friendly packaging makes application a joy. Whether you prefer a sprinkle or wish to mix these glitters into your melted wax, the process is simple and enjoyable.

Perfect for:

  • DIY enthusiasts aiming to bring a touch of glamour to their candle creations.
  • Festive and celebratory candle designs.
  • Gifting exquisite, personalized candles to friends and family.

Color – Gold

Weight – 50 Gm

Weight 0.25 kg


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