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16 Cavity Kaju Katli Silicon Mold, Diamond Shaped Silicon Mold For Candles Making

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Material: Silicon

Shaped: Kaju Katli/Diamond

Cavity: 16

Application: Candle Making

Care Instructions

  • Wash with plain water.
  • Let it dry or clean with tissue paper.
  • Don not use soap or any other chemical on mold.
  • Make sure your mold is dry before pouring wax.
  • Keep it in close area to avoid dust.
  • Do not keep it in direct sunlight.
  • Do not make candles with Dark Colors as Silicon will catch color and effect future candles made with the mold.
  • Do not stick nails while working with silicon molds as that may cause damage.

Note : All our Molds are Hand Made and may have some imperfection but it will not affect the over all Cast of the Candles.

The Kaju Katli Wax Melt Mold by V Candle Supply is the ideal tool for candle lovers wishing to give their wax melts a distinctive touch. This diamond shaped mold, which is made of premium silicon, is intended to produce exquisitely sculpted wax melts that are evocative of the well-known Indian dish Kaju Katli.

You may create exquisitely sculpted wax melts that will enchant your senses and carry you away to a world of sweet delights using the Kaju Katli Wax Melt Mold. The mold’s unique construction guarantees that your wax melts will emerge precisely formed and prepared for enjoyment.

The Kaju Katli Wax Melt Mold is great for both novice and expert candle makers since it is simple to use and clean.
Your wax melts will effortlessly release from the mould because to the flexible nature of the mould, leaving you with beautifully formed and wonderfully textured wax melts.

For individuals who want to make distinctive and imaginative wax melts for their own use or to sell as part of their candle-making company, this mold is perfect. Anybody with a keen eye for detail and a passion for exquisitely constructed wax melts will be impressed by the Kaju Katli Wax Melt Mold from V Candle Products.

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