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Candle Making Colors | Liquid Color Dyes – Red Color For Making Candles (25 ML)

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Ignite passion and warmth in your candle creations with our Red Liquid Dye, a vibrant essential to infuse your candles with a rich and captivating shade of red. Craft candles that not only illuminate your space but also evoke a sense of energy and allure.

Key Features:

  1. Red Radiance: Our high-quality liquid dye guarantees a vivid red hue, transforming your candles into bold statements that exude warmth and intensity.
  1. Consistency is Key: Shake the bottle before every use to ensure consistent and robust results. Our liquid dye is formulated for easy blending and even color distribution.
  2. Wax Compatibility Tips:
    • In Paraffin Wax: Expect vibrant and deep results.
    • In Soy Wax: Colors may appear 2-3 shades lighter due to the white nature of soy wax.
    • With Yellow Beeswax: Experience a unique blend as the dye interacts with the natural yellow color of the wax.
  3. Interplay with Fragrance: Some fragrance oils add color to the wax; our liquid dye will interact with these colors, creating captivating and dynamic results.
  4. Dosage for Best Results in Soy Wax: Add 10-15 drops of liquid dye for every 100 gm of melted wax to achieve the perfect lilac hue.
  5. Precise Dropper Measurement: 1 ml of liquid dye contains approximately 15 drops, offering a convenient and approximate calculation for your crafting needs. (Note: Dropper provided with the bottle; results may vary.)
  6. Safety First: Liquid dyes are flammable. Keep them away from fire sources, ensuring a secure and risk-free crafting environment.
  7. Not for Cosmetic Use: Our liquid dye is designed exclusively for candle making and is not safe for use in cosmetic products.
  8. Not for Oral Consumption: Exercise caution and ensure the product is kept out of reach, as it is not safe for oral consumption.

Color – Red Color Dye For Making Candles

Quantity – 25 Ml

Packing – Premium Amber Glass Bottle with a Dropper.

Weight 0.25 kg


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