Cocoa Butter is manufactured by combining fermented cocoa beans with pure Shea Butter to create a vegetable fat. Cocoa butter has a very light and pleasant scent. Because it is ultra-hydrating, it functions as a natural skin moisturizer. Cocoa butter offers a number of health-promoting characteristics that are useful to both the skin and the body. Whipped cocoa butter is high in polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants, both of which are good for your general health. Cocoa butter, both pure and organic, includes an active phytochemical component that protects the skin from UV rays while also locking in moisture.

Cocoa Butter Can be used for making various products such as Moisturizers, lotions, sunscreen, anti-allergy creams, sunblocks, soaps, lip balms, hair conditioners, lip glosses, hair masks & Massage Candles.


Coco Butter for Natural Skincare Products
Natural Unrefined African Cocoa Butter for Massage Candles & Cosmetics
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